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The Buyer's agents at Rand Realty offer a wealth of information on the home buying process.

At Rand Realty, we began as investors, purchasing without the benefit of licensed real estate professionals. It was hit and miss, and over the years we began to understand the value of real estate agent professionals - that they are committed to giving the best and most up-to-date information to their clients. We were initially skeptical, but came to understand that the information we had from these agents was indeed the truth, and that they'd go out of their way to help us.

While it was certainly of interest to us, giving us that information was also in their best interest. We eventually decided to become licensed professionals ourselves. Today, we spend hours understanding the market, each day, to bring you the best possible product for your needs. Why else? Aside from combing the market each day for you, we have great tools at our disposal that help us and you understand the market better. This website is just one of them.

When you're informed, you can make a better decision. Which is why, when you look at our company, read the online reviews, talk to your friends, you'll know that we go far beyond those "big-box" national companies that have multitudes of less than stellar agents.

No, don't just fill out a contact form - call us today! We'll talk to you and listen to your needs.

Now, go house hunting! Use the form at the top, or click Advance search to add in more categories. If you need even finer detail, call us at 404-483-6961 and we'll set up a search specific to your needs. We are here for you.

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What our clients are saying  

"Jodi took a situation which could have resulted in a lost sale and turned it into a sale at the asking price. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell or rent their property. She always either answers her phone herself or if busy will promptly return your call. She knows the local market and knows how to market your property." -yoshitomi14 "Jodi had an offer on my home before the sign was in the yard! She knows her business and proved it to me! She was informative, concise, and honest. If you want to sell your property in north Georgia, USE HER!!!!!!!!!" -BK


~ Rand Realty

"Jodi did a fantastic job listing and selling my home in Canton, GA. She handled every detail from preparing the home, creating the listing, conducting showings, negotiating with buyers and she even represented me at closing! I can't say enough about the great job Jodi did to make this transaction a win for all parties. I've worked with a lot of Realtors and Jodi is one of the best!" -clintrob


~ Rand Realty

"We were very fortunate to meet Jodi when we relocated to the Northwestern suburbs of Atlanta. She had several homes available that met our needs. We rented a home from Jodi for almost 2 years. As a property manager, Jodi was always responsive and pleasant. We had no issues and truly enjoyed our experience. When we decided it was time for us to buy a home, we were so excired to learn Jodi was a licensed realtor! She and her husband were amazing during the house search and the purchsing process. They were truly as excited as we were. Within 2 weeks we found our home and we are now moving in. Jodi and Peter are wonderful people and it was our pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend them for rentals as well as for home buying. Love them both!" -user8983504 You can see other reviews on Zillow.com and Trulia.com! Look them up! I think you'll be very happy with the service Rand Reallty LLC can give you.


~ Rand Realty of GA

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